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How to Create a Motif using Dot to Dot...Crystal to Crystal Method


Create Your Own

Crystal & Metal Designs!


Published by Crystal Eye Candy brought to you by

Design By Dawn

610 Fitzgerald Dr.

Wilmington, NC 28405




Materials Needed


Bent Tweezers
A must have!
For handling crystals.
No others will work as well!

Triangle Trays
Just the perfect tray to   hold each color of metal or crystal for ease in handling.


For Application of Finished Motif
Padded Board or Fluffy Towels for pressing the design on to fabric. 
Mylar available on line.
(See Web Site for width and pricing)
Blue Painters Tape
Ball Point Pen with Cap
I highly recommend getting a package of bees wax pellets from the candle section of your craft store.  This will be explained below.  Bees was used in sewing can also be used.

Step-By-Step Creation Of Your Own Designs!

©2007-2017 by Dawn Wenner


1.  Cut a piece of Mylar slightly larger than the design.  It is much easier to cut the Mylar with the backing on it.

2.  The Mylar has a white backing on it.  The backing needs to be peeled away revealing a clear sheet that is sticky on one side.
3.  With the sticky side up, use blue painters tape to tack the Mylar down on top of the design.  Using regular tape will damage the paper when you take the design off the page.

4.  Use the color chart that comes with the patterns and the samples of the design to determine which crystals should be used in each spot.  Please remember that the listed crystals and metals are just a suggestion.  Make it your own design by using whatever colors you like.
5.    Placing the crystals and metals in the triangle trays keeps them organized and easier to pick up.  To easily turn the sparkles over in the tray, drop the tray from about Ãâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚½ inch above the table and many of the sparkles will flip over.  Repeat as needed.
6.  Beeswax pellets are found in the candle department of the craft store.  Use any ballpoint pen...mold just one or two pellets of bees wax around the tip of the pen.  If you have cold hands, you may need to ask someone else to do this step for you.  Mold the wax to a point...doesn't have to be a sharp point...but a point nevertheless.

7.  Now with the crystals or metals pretty side down in your silver triangle tray, lightly pick one up and then set it on the mylar where the crystal should be using the beeswax tip.  You won't believe how much better this technique is vs. the tweezers!  There are tools on the market that are for this purpose but to me they are a waste of money!  A bag of beeswax will last you and all of your friends a lifetime.  One pellet will last through the application of thousands of crystals and metals.
8.    If a sparkle is placed in the wrong place, simply pick it up with the tweezers and re position.  But you will find that speed and accuracy will improve with the use of the beeswax.  
9.    When the pattern is complete, or if you need to set it aside for a while, place the white backing on the design to protect it until you are ready to come back to it to complete the project. 
10.    Follow my Easy to Apply Motif Directions to permanently place your finished motif on your fabric.
11.   The Dot to Dot...Crystal to Crystal technique can also be used with any design you want.  Children's coloring books are a perfect pattern for young ones to play with.  There is no electrical or hot applicator used until you are ready to apply it to the fabric.  BUT please remember that everything has to be mirror imaged.  On some patterns it won't matter, but on any type of words or writing, if you don't mirror image it before laying the crystals, when you flip it over to iron it on, the words will be backwards and you will have to scrape them all off the mylar and start again.  As you can see in the below example, I even did it wrong once!


12.   You can make patterns yourself however, I have several hundred patterns available to make it easier for you.  Each pattern comes with a chart of the crystals and metals that are needed to complete the design.  On the back of each card are pictures of samples I have made of that design to help your creativity come alive.  There are no right or wrong colors to use, I have simply made suggestions or showed you what I used.  Designs are sold individually or there are several volumes of designs available.    
It's like coloring for adults!  Enjoy!



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