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AEC Questions...with Answers

AEC Questions...with Answers
AEC Questions...with Answers
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Can people that are not attendees join us for lunch? Yes...but I need to know ahead of time and I will send you a request for payment through PayPal for the cost.  Their lunch tickets will then be in your registration envelope on Thursday night.  Lunch for non attendees is $40 per day but also includes other refreshments during the day and in the evenings.  This in non refundable.
 I can't eat certain foods.  Can I get a special meal? The menu will be set.  If you have dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly.  Chances are there will be items you can eat.  But if you are genuinely allergic to something and it will physically harm you to be in contact with it, I will need to know this ahead of time.
What do we need to bring with us? Please be sure to bring:
Basic sewing supplies (scissors for both paper and fabric)
Reading glasses
Small light for your work station
Power cord...Always a good idea
Black & White Sewing Thread
Sweater or Light Jacket
Address Labels for Sharing and Raffle Tickets
Please Don't Bring Perfumes or Scented Powders
Will there be vendors and can we come just to shop the vendor area? Of course there will be vendors! All favorites of the attendees and all very reputable! You can view them all on the website. As for coming for just the vendors...There will be an open night announced later and there will be a small donation necessary for our charity.
I can't be there all three days?  Can we come for 1 or 2 days? Individual day passes may be a possibility but it won't happen until much later in the process depending on if there are spaces available. At this point the conferences is filling up fast and it will depend on the final numbers.
How do we sign up for classes we wish to take? You don't yet.  There are still a few classes to be posted and people registering for the conference.  You will then be given instructions on how to request the classes you would like to take.  I can tell you that no one will be able to sit at a Destiny machine for the entire time.  We have to be fair and give everyone a chance to learn on them.  I can only tell you that I will do my best to make all your requests come through.  At this point I just can't tell you.  Remember, this is my first year and there is a learning curve on my part also!
Will there be the Red PJ Party and Yankee Swap, Design Challenge and the Baskets for Raffels?  NO...No...No...and maybe.  More to come on this years Charity Activities.
Are classes on all three days both morning and afternoon? Yes...The schedule will be as follows:
Each day there will be:
8:00-9:30-1.5 hour class
10:00-12:00-2 hour class
12:00-1:30-Lunch (Vendors will open at 12:00)
1:30-3:00-1.5 hour class
3:30-5:30-2 hour class (no class in this spot on Sunday-This will be when prizes will be given)
5:30-7:00-Free to get dinner on your own (Vendors will still be open)
7:00 Evening activities on Friday & Saturday (yup...Vendors will still be open)  (Vendors will not be open in the mornings)

Do we check in the day before (Thursday)?  Yes...Check in will start at 5:00 outside of the main event room with a short meeting at 7:00 to introduce and answer questions.  Then look around (AFTER THE MEETING) to find your room for classes where the educators that are teaching in that room will be there to answer any questions for you.  The vendor hall will NOT be open on Thursday at any time!!!  To be respectful of their time, there is no admittance into the vendor room on Thursday unless you are a vendor.  I know through much experience how much longer it takes to set up if there are constant reunions.  We love you...and will see you at the General Meeting at 7:00.  This also means the classrooms that are also being set up.  Please...Please stay away so we can set up and be ready for the rest of the week.
 Is the conference for beginners like me? The focus this year will be on shorter classes where the main focus is on technique. So what that means is more classes with techniques being taught and not just sitting down and sewing. We can all do that at home AFTER we learn the techniques. I hope you will all enjoy the slight change in format and will all get more learning out of it. Then go back home with more confidence. So to answer your question...yes, beginners...this is where to begin to be better and more confident as well as intermediate and experts being inspired to spread your wings even more.
What classes are being offered?  Are there going to be classes using the multi needle machines?

There is a list of all classes that will be held at the AEC on this web site.  If you have any questions about what topics will be covered pleas view the Class List Page.  When you find a title you are interested in, just click on the name of the educator in a left column and it will take you to the educators page with descriptions of the classes.

How far from the Airport is the hotel and do you know the easiest way to get to the hotel from the airport? Uber will probably be the most convienent way to get to the hotel.  It is approx. $30 to $40.  If you don't know how to use Uber, sign up on your cell phone prior to your trip and be comfortable with the process.  Contact others coming in at the same time as you are and share a ride.  This cuts the price per person considerably.  A Taxi is going to be much higher...around $75 to $90.

MARTA Train Service $2.50. Take Gold Line MARTA Train to Doraville Station. Complimentary Hotel shuttle to/from Doraville MARTA station. Call for pick-up at Doraville MARTA

Local Shuttle Info: Complimentary Hotel shuttle within 5 mile radius of hotel, including to/from Doraville MARTA train station for access to Downtown, Buckhead & Atlanta Airport. Shuttle to local shopping and dining in historic Downtown Norcross and The Forum on Peachtree Parkway. Shuttle available 7AM - 10PM.

Where is a good place to stay? Right at the hotel the conference is being held at.  There is a link right here on this web site for reservations and hotel information.  Please use the link provided to make your reservations or you will pay significantly higher for your rooms.  We have a block of rooms set aside just for us under "American Embroidery Conference".  If that block fills up you will not be able to make reservations at the special price.  If this happens PLEASE contact ME as soon as possible so that I can negotiate more rooms if they are available.  If they aren't available, there is a contingency plan in effect.  So don't panic...just let me know if you have any problems!
Is there a special deal with the hotel for breakfast? Breakfast is included with your hotel room.  It is not open to go to if you are not staying at the hotel.  BTW...Wifi is also included.
Do we have to pay for parking at the Hotel? is free to all of us. 
Do we bring our own machines or do they provide them? You will not bring your machine. Baby Lock will provide machines for the sewing classes and the Silhouette Cameo classes.
How does AEC compare to other conferences? It won't be as big as some...we are a more intimate group.  The educators are hand picked as are the vendors. Both educators and vendors are the best of the best. They all have one goal in mind. To make you as enthusiastic as they are about what they do. They are first and foremost there to educate you. Yes...they are there to educate you on their products. But we need their products. But they love what they do and are all very genuine people. The conference is sponsored by Baby Lock and so we will only have their best machines for you to work on. But everything will be adaptable to what you have. All classes are free to take but there will be kit fees in some classes to pay for the materials that you are using. But one fee wil get you into the whole weekend of events. So to answer your it won't be MEEC. It will be the AmericanEmbroideryConference.
Is there a fee to come and then more fees for classes? Yes, there is a fee for the conference itself and then there are also small kit fees that are paid directly to the educator.  The prices will be posted for each kit fee before you sign up for the class.  The kits for hands on classes are reasonably priced and top quality.
When will we get the list of classes?

* I can only speak for myself right now but when I am asked to teach, I immediately start thinking about what to teach. Sometimes I am told what they want me to teach. Ok...more thinking. It doesn't just happen. It is only fair to you that you get a new project. Not something that has been taught several times and you might have already been in a class that taught it. Plus, there' are going to be new ideas and new techniques that you will want to see. If all projects are locked in too far out, there is no room for the newest and greatest. Creating a new project is a process as you all know how much thinking is done when you make something before actually sitting down at the machine.

*I am not sure that the exact project is as important as the technique you will learn. After all, we are there to learn and not just there to do something you already know how to do.

*I want this to be a true educational experience and not just busy work.

So you will know the educators first and the vendors that will be there and then their project descriptions and then photos of the project. I am not saying that the pictures won't be there until the last minute. But it isn't a five minute thing to get them ready for you to see. After all, we want them to be a reflection of the newest and greatest that we can offer.

*Maybe you want to learn how to quickly put 2000 crystals on something. Does it matter what they go on to show you how to do it or does it matter that you are shown all the techniques to do it so you can go home and put those 2000 crystals on what you were thinking of doing. Ok...2000 crystals is a lot but you know what I mean.

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